Reporting the current status of world wide IPv6 deployment and progress to itojun

18:30~20:30, 27th November 2017 @ Hulic Hall & Hulic Conference

It has been ten years since Junichiro Hagino known as "itojun" left us. He foresaw the potential possibilities of IPv6 from the beginning, promoted standardization by serving as a chair of the v6ops (IPv6 Operations) working group at IETF, and as an active member of the IAB (Internet Architecture Board). He made great efforts to help people all over the world advance towards the same goal, leading not only technical topics, but also the direction of the community as a whole. At the same time, he implemented the IPv6 reference code on his own as a core member of the KAME project, and actively integrated the results into the BSD families, creating the foundation for current most IPv6 implementations.

IPv6 received the support of many equipment vendors and Internet operators, and is deployed on the global network. IPv6 support of client devices has also expanded, and general users are moving to the world of IPv6 naturally without noticing it.

In this event, we would like to report to itojun, who loved IPv6, on the achievements of the work we took over after he left, and our hopes for future development together.

From Organizers

Data & Time 18:30~20:30, 27th November 2017 (Registration opens at 18:00)
Location Hulic Hall & Hulic Conference 3F ROOM0
Address Hulic Asakusabashi Bldg. 3F, 1-22-16 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053 (Map)

Please register through the registration system of the Internet Week program. The registration fee is required to join this event. Please pay the fee at the registration desk in front of the event room.

Registration fee 8,000JPY
(Cash only)
Registration Please register through the registration page of the Internet Week
Dress code IETF style (= A casual style is preferred)
Chair Jun Murai
Organizers (in alpabetical order) Hiroshi Esaki
Hiroshi Fujiwara
Shigeki Goto
Tatsuya Jinmei
Osamu Nakamura
Koichi Suzuki
Kazumasa Utashiro
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Tatsuya Yamashita

Please contact the following address for questions.

Webadmin of Program committee of the reporting to itojun